Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all dads out there and especially to my husband who is the greatest dad ever. He was always super involved with our children and still is. Of course now they’re 29 and almost 20. Still, he’s the best. Love you, B.

On a very different note, today is the day when I was officially diagnosed in 2005. It’s funny how we all remember that day. It had been a very grueling couple of months before culminating in a biopsy for my plasmacytoma . Thinking back , I’m not sure why that was necessary as it was clear this was myeloma. But maybe then that’s how it went. Anyway, it was pretty awful. It was an awful time. So, not a good memory of an anniversary but still part of my life. I’m happy to be here and doing pretty well. 

So, off to make Father’s Day breakfast of eggs from our chickens and some other sides. 

Back from Tahoe , and off to the library today.

imageWe had an awesome time. It was beautiful up there as always. We walked down to the lake and around the campground at 5:30 each morning. Then later we biked around too. I was a little sore but regrouped the next day. I read a lot on my new kindle and relaxed.imageWe had some good meals, salmon one night and a steak another. Plus there’s always the veggie option of tofu dogs, BBQ tofu etc.

My daughter and husband both swam in Tahoe, but not me… Too cold…..

we had fun looking at different rvs and really want to upgrade. But this is what we’ve had for 14 years and do love it. But, I’d really like a bathroom and a shower inside. Actually, it’s almost necessary for me with my dex and revlimid bathroom issues.

But, I’m trying to be practical so… This is it for now.

so, I’m off to work today. It’ll be interesting to see who she got to work my shifts. Not that I’m an important person there but our branch is a little different . Especially when new people show up. But, I’m only a page, so it’s not my worry.

The weather here at home is gorgeous. It’s like going to be 80 today. Very nice.


Off to Lake Tahoe tomorrow!

Well, we are almost ready. Today it’s get dry foods ready. And since there’s a Safeway near by we will pick up stuff we need there after arriving. I’m looking forward to this trip and love that’s it’s so close. About an hour and 45 minutes. Well, towing the tent trailer sometimes takes a little longer. No big plans ,just be in camp, walk, beach time and reading.

today, it’s get the house cleaned and go over the chores with my son. Unfortunately he is working on Wednesday, so he can’t come up otherwise he’d have to leave to get to work the next morning. 

We ended up getting 3 more chicks since the one remaining one was lonely and freaking out. Since were gone most if the week they’ll have to stay on the sun porch, so I didn’t want to get more than the cage will hold comfortably. What a drama.

well, off to Flylady and cook some.

Really hot!

It’s going to be 100 degrees tomorrow.


i don’t do well in the heat but B put in our window coolers so we should be ok.

Tuesday we leave for Tahoe so it will be cooler up there. Still, it’s hot here. 

Slow day at the library . I’m off till next Saturday . So, I’m sure it’s still going to be slow.

B is getting everything ready. Chickens, chickie babies, garden….

Hopefully, it’ll all be good. 

Walking update!

We are now on day 372. Unfortunately, my knee has been giving me some trouble. I’m guessing it’s some kind of osteoarthritis. But not sure. It’s kinda clicking and my knee goes weak. It’s better then comes back. So I guess I’ll be going a little slower so I don’t aggravate it. It’s tough when I really want to forge ahead and do more. Oh well, just remember, to just keep walking! 

Not much on the schedule today except to hit the grocery store for a few things. We are going to Tahoe next week and I’ll do some shopping up there after pay day. We love Nevada beach. I just wish there were showers. We have a solar one that helps but it’s not great.

its heating up here and is suppose to be in the 90’s. I do not like it hot or too cold. Okay, I want perfect weather like Santa Barbara. 

I might do some more decluttering in the barn. We’ve made headway so a little more would be good. I need to go find some paint to touch up some areas, but our stupid goat ate the labels off, so I hope I can tell what’s what.

There’s a great discussion over at Pancakesandfrenchfries blog on “Eating Animals” . Go check it out. 


Well, I’m off to drop a load to the thrift store this morning. I’d like it to be more, buts a good size . Also, B is taking a huge load to the dump. Once a year you get a free pass and he uses it. He’s broken up 2 chairs  and a ton of garbage from the barn and yard. 

I love getting rid of things and I’d love to do more in the house to have more white space. Maybe later in the summer I’ll move more stuff out. I’d rather have space than things. I’m debating about painting this summer. Nothing needs it but the kitchen could be done. It’s a great vintage green now, but I’d definitely go with a shade of white next time. So, I’ll see how it goes.

Then I might go do a little shopping for some basics. I need mayonaise and milk and some other little things. But I could wait till tomorrow too. I’ve already done most of my morning chores. Just need a quick vacumm. 

Figured out the next budget which I think will finally give us something back in savings. Hopefully all the extra bills are over till late summer or fall when car insurance and property taxes are due. 

My knee was bothering me walking so we took it easy. I hope it’s only because we walked extra the other day. Getting old, regardless of having cancer is tough. Overall, I can’t complain, until, like this with me knee, I’m complaining. 

Well, off to finish things up. Dinner tonight is grilled asparagus, and fettucine Alfredo.

Monday updates!

We are officially in year two of the JKWP. Today is day 370! We’re just going to add days instead of going back to day 1. I think I like seeing the bigger day, it feels like an accomplishment. Walking has done so much for me:

my cholesterol dropped almost 40 points

lost 15 lbs, ( wish it was more) as I know I’ve plateaued

my legs and back are stronger

and it’s just great to move. I still can’t do a 5 k but heck that’s ok.

Today is a dex day, but since I’m down to 16 mg, it seems to be a whole lot easier. Since my my protein is down to .25 ( hurray! Happy dance!!!), I hope dropping the dex by 4 mg doesn’t affect it. I guess we’ll see. 

Worked Friday and Saturday, it was super slow. 

Went with my daughter and bought some shoes. I have very difficult feet, can’t wear any height in shoes and they must have a good arch. Usually I wear keens and they’re great, but I wanted something different for work. I found a pair of Born at famous footwear. I’ll have to see after wearing them to work. I’ll know wether my back goes out( usually it’s L 1).

yesterday was our towns Pioneer Day with parade and a big event in the park. We’ve skipped it now for a few years as it’s really geared to young families. But we walked down and bought a few things( very expense beer). It was nice. 

Today, I’m just tidying a little and working on menus. 

Menus so far

chile relleno casserole with crock pot pintos

pizza on the grill

greek salad

avacado stuffed with shrimp and tofu for the vegies.

bbq chicken



So that’s all and keep working the budget . I hope with this next check were finally back on track and there’s no extra stuff due.

$300 in AAA and Costco really added up or rather took a bite out of the money.