Off to Lake Tahoe tomorrow!

Well, we are almost ready. Today it’s get dry foods ready. And since there’s a Safeway near by we will pick up stuff we need there after arriving. I’m looking forward to this trip and love that’s it’s so close. About an hour and 45 minutes. Well, towing the tent trailer sometimes takes a little longer. No big plans ,just be in camp, walk, beach time and reading.

today, it’s get the house cleaned and go over the chores with my son. Unfortunately he is working on Wednesday, so he can’t come up otherwise he’d have to leave to get to work the next morning. 

We ended up getting 3 more chicks since the one remaining one was lonely and freaking out. Since were gone most if the week they’ll have to stay on the sun porch, so I didn’t want to get more than the cage will hold comfortably. What a drama.

well, off to Flylady and cook some.