Saturday updates

Whoa, I’ve gone way over on Christmas. This shouldn’t be a surprise because I always do, I love getting presents and decorations. But I’m not sure of the final numbers yet as my son has not ordered his PC yet. But I was adding in everything ( like my new danskos), and then decided that was really clothing I needed was not really for christmas. So I’m going to do anot her tally . This is the time of year I usually add extra stuff in, so it’s not really Christmas but could be considered as such. So, I think next year I’m going to try and have $1500 for everything.

i recalculated and I think with the $1000 Santa fund, the extra was @$500. So that’s what I’m figuring. This is when we buy sweats, jammies, slippers , etc. so I need to figure that in to clothing and Christmas.

well, this was suppose to be posted yesterday, but here it is.

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