Christmas shopping done!

I went out and bought 1 more gift card yesterday, and I need one more, then I’m officially done. Actually I’ve been done with my shopping  by dec 1 for most things, but there’s always a few things that linger. So except for some groceries , it’s done.

im feeling very blocked with my minimalism attempts. I’ve gotten rid if tons of stuff, but somehow  I’d like to do even more. Not sure where to start. It’s really going another layer into it. It could be too with Christmas decorations up, things seem more busy…

I think next time I’m alone in the house, which is rare, I’ll walk around and see what areas bother me. I need clear surfaces, and things in there right place. I’ve looked at some e books on minimalism and none of them have really inspired me. Maybe I need a fresh approach. 

So, off to work today, first my walk in a few minutes. Today is day 202. I’m feeling pretty good. No aches or suspicious pain. I’m only half way thru my revlimid cycle. Then I’ll get my blood test the first week of January. I don’t think I’ll see a downward trend, but hopefully it’s not going up. 

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