January low/no spend with Carla !


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I’m joining Carla , over at halfdozendaily ,for a low spend January . So far my goals look like this:

  1. Get my 52 week saving sheet out and start that. Week one is $1, week 2, $2 and so forth.
  2. Turn in my $5 savings and put aside in savings. I should have $500 by December 31.
  3. start a new $5 savings envelope.
  4. Keep putting the small pay increase in B’s check over to savings. It’s about $80 a paycheck. I’ve done 2 months already.
  5. keep food budget under $500. This is always a challenge, but has gotten way better since I bought my freezer.
  6. we will need to buy propane and that’s $300. Minimum amount. This has to be done so the budget will take a bit of a hit.
  7. Aside from these savings that Ive already been doing, I’ll ¬†just try and keep everything low spend. I’ve been keeping track of money spent in December ,so I’ll keep that up and try and have 10 no spend days.