2014 goals and other thoughts.

I don’t try and have a lot of goals but I do have some:

  • stay as healthy as possible 
  • keep up my “just keep walking “project.
  • smile more
  • save, save save……. As much as possible.
  • have fun

There are more little ones, like go away with B more, try a new restaurant, stuff like that. But overall those are the big ones.


One thought on “2014 goals and other thoughts.

  1. Well, I started reading the beginning of your blog (chronologically) and made it this far. Can I just say that I want to be you when I grow up (lol). I’m feeling really inspired to take on more cooking duties, which my husband completely took over around the time of my diagnosis (year and a half ago), as well as walking more. Really looking forward to reading the next here and a half year.

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