September low spend month hosted by Carla!


Im joining Carla over at myhalfdozendaily with a low spend September . Here’s what I have so far

1.for groceries, I’d like to challenge myself to $500.if we eat out of the freezer and pantry and buy lots of fresh produce, I think this can be done

2. For non food, keep it at $100.

3. I’m going to get cash for these,and not use a debit card.
4. B and I are going up to Tahoe in September, but I will budget for that. Gas will be 1 tank,so that’s $60, I’ll bring most of our food, and then we can eat out once.
5. It’s both B and my birthdays, but I think will just say “happy birthday”.
6. I  want to keep up with the 52 week challenge. This week it’ll be, $35, next week $36,$37,$38. I’ll take this out of my library check.
7. my very good friend offered us free firewood, so that’s going to save us at least $300. We’ll just have to plan a day to rent a trailer and go cut and load. But thank you, Sara and Logan!
8. I’ve already budgeted my sons XL twin bed, but it’s still much more than I expected. But I have the money set aside.
9. Household will be tough since we’re finishing the house painting project. Not sure where this will come in, but I’m going to say $200.
10. I’ll keep adding where we can cut things as the month goes on. I think the biggest cut would be food and non food,which can really creep up.
11. Id like to find something’s to sell on Ebay. Maybe my vintage lunch boxes?
I  don’t have a lot left To sell, but I can look around. In this past year of decluttering,I’ve opted to give away as opposed to sell. It’s just easier.

One thought on “September low spend month hosted by Carla!

  1. Awesome list of goals!! That was a wonderful gift of all that firewood! Saved you a small bundle! 🙂 Good luck this month, looking forward to seeing how you do!

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