Dex day!

Well, it didn’t take long to remember why dex is so difficult. I’m one week into my revlimid ,so I take dex on Saturday night. This time I planned to take 12mg on Saturday night ,then 8 mg on Sunday. I don’t think it made a difference really. I slept till @ 3 then off and on. I had some energy sunday morning till @ 1 . Then it was crash and nap. My taste buds are totally off. My dry mouth is back. Did I say ,I remember how I hate dexamethesome . But it’s a necessary evil and is working with the rev, so it’s like 2 days a week are going to be sorta a waste. Oh well, my dr did say I could take the week off when I’m off rev. So that should help at least emotionally. I doubt the first cycle will impact much, but I can hope. Since I think I’m in for the long haul, I better get use to the new normal again.