September low spend month hosted by Carla!


Im joining Carla over at myhalfdozendaily with a low spend September . Here’s what I have so far

1.for groceries, I’d like to challenge myself to $500.if we eat out of the freezer and pantry and buy lots of fresh produce, I think this can be done

2. For non food, keep it at $100.

3. I’m going to get cash for these,and not use a debit card.
4. B and I are going up to Tahoe in September, but I will budget for that. Gas will be 1 tank,so that’s $60, I’ll bring most of our food, and then we can eat out once.
5. It’s both B and my birthdays, but I think will just say “happy birthday”.
6. I  want to keep up with the 52 week challenge. This week it’ll be, $35, next week $36,$37,$38. I’ll take this out of my library check.
7. my very good friend offered us free firewood, so that’s going to save us at least $300. We’ll just have to plan a day to rent a trailer and go cut and load. But thank you, Sara and Logan!
8. I’ve already budgeted my sons XL twin bed, but it’s still much more than I expected. But I have the money set aside.
9. Household will be tough since we’re finishing the house painting project. Not sure where this will come in, but I’m going to say $200.
10. I’ll keep adding where we can cut things as the month goes on. I think the biggest cut would be food and non food,which can really creep up.
11. Id like to find something’s to sell on Ebay. Maybe my vintage lunch boxes?
I  don’t have a lot left To sell, but I can look around. In this past year of decluttering,I’ve opted to give away as opposed to sell. It’s just easier.