This weeks goals…..

Well well, for starters, have B finish painting. We’re going on day 3 tomorrow. I finished work at 2 and dashed down to the paint ┬ástore for 2 more gallons before they closed at 3pm. Plus they are closed tomorrow, so I need it to be done! It looks really great. Not sure about trim, but we are thinking about it.

So my L 1 is better, not all the way, but better. It takes a while for the inflammation to go down . Can’t really tell what starts it. It hasn’t bothered me in 3 months. Go figure.

walked this morning. Still smokey from our California fires. Next week starts week 13. Yeah !

So, goals for the week:

1. Finish painting . Put stuff back.

2. Declutter pantry


4. Menus for the week

5. Handle dex ,ha, ha,ha!

6. Tally budget numbers for August

7. Decide on a trim color

8. Do budget for September , including propane and firewood.

9. Order XL twin mattress for Z

10. Walk, walk, walk.