Kitchen reorganizing

ImageWell,I have been busy on a rearranging and decluttering  day. I decided to move all our white dishes over to these built in shelves. (That’s not all the dishes, half were in the dishwasher). Then I moved my vintage Neddles and Pine dishes into the Heywood Wakefield . That’s only half of them. That’s not a good picture nut you get the idea. Then I moved the fiesta ware( only half to the front room bookcase . So then that allowed me to move a whole bookcase from the kitchen . Then I had my husband remove the door. This actualily was the front door , but since we added the front entry porch, we never use this any more. Then I had him take down the mop hooks. So here’s how it looks……imagenot sure why I can’t write in between the pictures  then I went to Home Depot and got theses shelf things, so you maximize the shelf. Pretty cool., and I opened up a whole wall. I’m going to put a different picture there .or over the tea pots. I’ve also listed an armoire on Craig’s list. Hope it sells. And I’ve decided to sell or give away the Franciscan ware. I probably might keep the teapot. But well see. ImageImageImage

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