Sunday night chit chat with Carla!

  • imageReading:reread “The Samurai’s Garden” this is ¬†a beautifully written and poetic book. I’m also rereading “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” by Betty Smith, this book shaped my childhood tremendously. First,I was born in the Bronx, this about Brooklyn , we were very poor. White trash poor, polish immigrants. Lots of similarities. I felt like I was Francie.
  • unfortunately, when I wrote a book report in 10 th grade on this book , and used the tree of heaven as a simile for hope, that it grew in the worst conditions, etc, my English teacher gave me a D because he thought I didn’t get the whole part about Johnny’s¬†alcoholism. Really, I knew all too well,as the author was describing MY father. But I chose to write about hope and reading and the library. I remember being crushed by that remark. Fortunately, it did not stop me from hoping or reading!
  • Listening to , just the sounds of the night ,as it is still so hot, we are sitting outside at 10 pm.
  • Watching: we finished Season 1 of the sopranos, for the second time. Such a great show. James Gandolfini was brilliant
  • Cooking/Baking: used my new Williams Sonoma pans, made 2 loaves of bread. One was a cheese olive loaf. It is gone already. The. I made organic strawberry jam.image
  • Happy you accomplished this week, Walked everyday and decluttered more old school artwork.
  • Looking forward to next week: it’s the 4 of July, onto doing much. I’m going to paint an armoire. I’ll try and post pictures .
  • Thankful for today: for my wonderful children and husband.
  • Bonus Question – What was your very first *real* job? Well, I did a lot of babysitting. But at 16, I got a job as a receptionist.

Menu for the week:

Sunday: Greek pasta salad

monday: chicken burgers, tofu burgers, potatoe salad

Tuesday: grilled chicken, salad

Wednesday: Caprese salad. And pasta with lemon,garlic olive oil

Thursday, fourth of Jullyy : BBQ ribs from the freezer, maybe potato salad or cole slaw

Friday: pizza or tacos

Satuday: Saturday night Sammie’s , not yet decided.

B is back to work today, if I can post the tree he cut I will.image