Saturday updates

image imageToday was my 50th day walking. Yeah, so I’m starting week 8. As I said my new motto is”JUST WALK”. So even if its .5 mile, it’s walking. I’m pretty pleased with this progress. Not much in the way of weight loss, but that ‘s not my primary goal.

its getting hot here, is going to be 100 or more. Ugh! I do not do well in the heat.

but, we are leaving for Tahoe tomorrow so, it’ll be nicer up there. Should be interesting ,as S and Z are staying home. It’s probably better as our cat tucker ,who has the feline diabetes ,needs food every 4 hours.

I’m decluttering tons of photos as I redo the books. It looks better and I’m hoping to get the photo albums down to 4. I also got rid of a cabinet I had tried painting but the cabinet wasn’t very functional. I was using it for shoes but it just wasn’t right. So that’s gone.

then I’m painting a bookshelf ,really just touching it up with white paint.Above is a picture after and before.

Then I told Z to clean up his room,as there was clothes all over. Well he didn’t so I put everything in a laundry basket, outside his door. Then pulled a stereo ┬ácabinet that held absolutely nothing out. I told my husband to trash it. Then I pulled out his totally destroyed leather chair. It is not going back in. But since I’m gone till Wednesday, I can’t go get him anything, it’ll just have to wait. He also needs a longer mattress as he is 6’3″. So I’m going to do a mini room makeover. Not paint, cuz that’s too much for me.. But new rug, and side table.

Honestly, I could’nt ┬átake it anymore. I told when school got out may 29 , clean your room, so what’s that 2 months…..

Well, I’m off to work and then home to get ready to camp!