July mini goals

imageHopefully we’ll be back on track with the budget. We had to B’ s tires to the tune of $584, and his car service at$393. But that’s done and was part of what we budgeted his bonus for. We also had to propane at $300. So, the bonus covered those things but not too much savings. We managed $50 to Santa fund which is good because you can’t touch it.

I think it’s just being realistic with what we can do. There’s only so much money and so many bills. We have everything to basics so there’s not  much to trim. I will ask Z to pay his cell phone$40, now that he’s working. S will need to start paying once she gets a pay check again.

So mini goals financial and otherwise :

  • Keep walking everyday, (I’m on day 36)
  • Put another$50 in Santa
  • Pay another $100 to the dentist, almost done!
  • Put $300 in sinking funds
  • Send off my LLS form for insurance refund. This is the fantastic leukemia and lymphoma society grant program. It is a wonderful organization, I get my portion of my husbands insurance paid by them.
  • Go to a museum with B
  • go to a new restaurant with B
  • Camping in Tahoe for 2 nights to make up for the rained out trip. I think it’s just going to end up the 2 of us, as both S and Z have work.
  • Be emotionally prepared to have to go back on chemo drugs. I get my zometa infusion this month( a bone strengthener that all myeloma patients do). Also, after my blood tests I’ve decided if it goes up even .01 I will tell him in August we’ll start. I think it helps to write this as a goal, as less of an impact when it happens.
  • Keep doing menus.
  • cook some batch cooking for freezer( this has been great)!
  • Be okay with budget being less than what I hoped it would be, in other words, I thought we’d have saved more money 😦

so, that’s it for now !

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