Wednesday stuff

Going to the library this morning for summer reading crafts. Made a bunch of colored pasta so the children can make necklaces. Fun. I’ll only work 2 hours or so and then I need to go into town to get my grocery cash and gas $.

Im planning on giving ┬áthe armoire I listed on Craig’s list to hospice thrift store. One more piece of furniture gone. Its an old piece and I was going to paint it but , no I just don’t want it.Imagethen I have a small box of stuff to go, but I think I’ll wait. Two old fiesta ware plates I’ll give to my friend.

Later, when I’m home, I’m going to finish the studio and wash windows out there .

B is on the road all week, so I went for my walk alone. But then he texted me and had just done his walk. Cool. I’m in week 6 so pretty good.