Not good news:(

Well, Dr L called yesterday so I knew it was not the news I wanted to hear.

My monoclonal protein is up again to .6

yikes, so I’m going to go back on chemo . This is called revlimid, it is a pill and taken once a day for 21 days with 1 week off. In addition you take decadron, which is a steroid. It’s usually called dex. It’s generic name is dexamethesome .it is taken once a week and boosts the chemo. Dex is very hard to take. You get very hyped, can’t sleep and very snappy. My dose is 20 mg, and the usual dose is 40. You also get what is called the dex crash, where, well, you crash. But I’m not letting my numbers keep trending up. 

This is my 3 rd time on this regime. So I know the drill, WBC can get low, blood clots, rashes,….. So we’ll see. Also, eventually this does stop working or what is called refractory, and you need to mix it up with another drug.

Fortunately, I feel good, I’ve been walking, so I guess I’m ready. Hopefully, we’ll get a response right away.  I’d rather be hereImage

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