Zometa treatment

So, here I am in the treatment center. Appointment with Dr. L went well. He always takes the time to listen. Since I feel good , it’s an easy appt. I am not having any problems, except my m-protein. So we’ll know next week, start revlimid or wait. He reminded me to watch out for shingles, and that relatively speaking my m protein is small.Imageso, this treatment is to strengthen bones. Multiple myeloma is a blood cancer that affects the plasma,so bones get damaged, either with fractures for what’s called lytic lesions . Here’s the hubby who’s come with me every single time for 8 years. This is a relatively easy treatment, IV, and about 1 hour.ImageImageImage

Pickles and menus

Yesterday, we made some bread and butter pickles. These are from our garden. S is a great gardener. She has plants all over. we bought those cool vintage style ball jars. Love that color.Image

Home blessing day is done( Flylady Mondays !)

im heading out to staples to get some binders for the picture reorganizing. I hope they have the slips. On line it said online only. I have coupons to use so hopefully it won’t cost me anything.I’m  faxing off my LLS insurance stuff. I’ll get the reimbursement in a month or so. Sometimes it’s sooner. It’ll help as I’m behind on my 52 week savings. I’m doing great with my $5 challenge. If you’re interested, it’s just when ever you have $5 bill you save it  and not spend it . I’m up to $200. It’s fun and easy.

Menus for the week:

  • Sunday: roast chicken, potatoes, grilled tofu , and delicious broccoli from the garden
  • monday : chicken tacos or chicken salad, not sure yet!
  • Tuesday:pasta night
  • Wednesday: Cobb salad
  • Thursday: spinach lasagna
  • Friday: pizza or Tacos
  • Saturday: Sammies of some sort.

Sunday night chit chat w/ out Carla

Finished a “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” , I loved this as a kid and still love it as an adult.

now I’m reading Evanovich’s  new book” Big Girl Panties” , not impressed.

Listening to our chickens

Looking forward to getting my oncology appt over with.

Grateful to be doing all the decluttering and getting rid off stuff while I still feel good.

Food bank drop off and other miscellaneous things!

So, this week we dropped off 10 boxes of food to our local Applegate food bank that is run by a church. It’s right across the street from the library so it’s very convenient . B has lots of food samples that don’t always get used. He can only take so much to different stores. So this is a way to help our community get many organic, gluten free, and other stuff that many of these people would ever get because they’re expensive.  I’m glad we can do our little part.

I’ve finished labeling the bins in the laundry room. So that part is done.

I sold the 3 Navajo rugs on Ebay. Not for a lot but one did sell for $47, so I felt good about that. three more things gone. I’m going to put the few Easter things I have in another small bin, then I’ll put that out there too. As I said, I’m getting rid of the armoire and I’m going to look around and see if there’s any other furniture items. We don’t have that much in the way of furniture but I’ll look and see if something else can make room. I’m totally into space and eliminating extra stuff.

Next week I’m going to get started on photos and redoing albums. This seems like a big job.

All the monthly bills are done, except the very end of the month, which is the water and Verizon.

Dinner is either pizza or whatever because for some reason after I got home from the library at 2 pm , I got a terrific headache,and still have it. …they maybe on their own for food.

Wednesday stuff

Going to the library this morning for summer reading crafts. Made a bunch of colored pasta so the children can make necklaces. Fun. I’ll only work 2 hours or so and then I need to go into town to get my grocery cash and gas $.

Im planning on giving  the armoire I listed on Craig’s list to hospice thrift store. One more piece of furniture gone. Its an old piece and I was going to paint it but , no I just don’t want it.Imagethen I have a small box of stuff to go, but I think I’ll wait. Two old fiesta ware plates I’ll give to my friend.

Later, when I’m home, I’m going to finish the studio and wash windows out there .

B is on the road all week, so I went for my walk alone. But then he texted me and had just done his walk. Cool. I’m in week 6 so pretty good.

Sunday chit chat

  • Reading: I’m still reading “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn”, so terrific.
  • Listening to: nothing, except birds outside.
  • Watching: we’ll watch The Sopranos, season 2
  • Cooking/Baking: here’s my bread below. It’s a cheese jalepeno bread in my new loaf pan. Yummmimage
  • Happy you accomplished this week: gosh, it seems like all of done is be on the go. I moved all my dishes, ( see prior post), trying to sell an armoire , no luck! Sold a few things on eBay. And I walked everyday.
  • Looking forward to next week: it’s a busy week, I have to work everyday, as there are some library events that need 2 people.
  • Thankful for today:as always, that I feel good.
  • Bonus Question – Do you play games? Board games, card games, video games, games online, on your phone, iPad, etc…
  • No, never.

today, is flylady’s home blessing day, I do some extra things, and the zone is the kitchen. That’s my biggest zone. It’s pretty clutter free but still it’s wiping cabinets oven, and more.

Do any of you follow Flylady? I’ve been doing it for 3 years now and it’s great!



July mini goals

imageHopefully we’ll be back on track with the budget. We had to B’ s tires to the tune of $584, and his car service at$393. But that’s done and was part of what we budgeted his bonus for. We also had to propane at $300. So, the bonus covered those things but not too much savings. We managed $50 to Santa fund which is good because you can’t touch it.

I think it’s just being realistic with what we can do. There’s only so much money and so many bills. We have everything to basics so there’s not  much to trim. I will ask Z to pay his cell phone$40, now that he’s working. S will need to start paying once she gets a pay check again.

So mini goals financial and otherwise :

  • Keep walking everyday, (I’m on day 36)
  • Put another$50 in Santa
  • Pay another $100 to the dentist, almost done!
  • Put $300 in sinking funds
  • Send off my LLS form for insurance refund. This is the fantastic leukemia and lymphoma society grant program. It is a wonderful organization, I get my portion of my husbands insurance paid by them.
  • Go to a museum with B
  • go to a new restaurant with B
  • Camping in Tahoe for 2 nights to make up for the rained out trip. I think it’s just going to end up the 2 of us, as both S and Z have work.
  • Be emotionally prepared to have to go back on chemo drugs. I get my zometa infusion this month( a bone strengthener that all myeloma patients do). Also, after my blood tests I’ve decided if it goes up even .01 I will tell him in August we’ll start. I think it helps to write this as a goal, as less of an impact when it happens.
  • Keep doing menus.
  • cook some batch cooking for freezer( this has been great)!
  • Be okay with budget being less than what I hoped it would be, in other words, I thought we’d have saved more money 😦

so, that’s it for now !

Kitchen reorganizing

ImageWell,I have been busy on a rearranging and decluttering  day. I decided to move all our white dishes over to these built in shelves. (That’s not all the dishes, half were in the dishwasher). Then I moved my vintage Neddles and Pine dishes into the Heywood Wakefield . That’s only half of them. That’s not a good picture nut you get the idea. Then I moved the fiesta ware( only half to the front room bookcase . So then that allowed me to move a whole bookcase from the kitchen . Then I had my husband remove the door. This actualily was the front door , but since we added the front entry porch, we never use this any more. Then I had him take down the mop hooks. So here’s how it looks……imagenot sure why I can’t write in between the pictures  then I went to Home Depot and got theses shelf things, so you maximize the shelf. Pretty cool., and I opened up a whole wall. I’m going to put a different picture there .or over the tea pots. I’ve also listed an armoire on Craig’s list. Hope it sells. And I’ve decided to sell or give away the Franciscan ware. I probably might keep the teapot. But well see. ImageImageImage