Whole Wheat Bread, and Saturday stuff!

imageWell, first off I wanted to show a picture of some yummy whole wheat bread I made and homemade butter. I’ve really wanted a zojirushi bread machine forever. But I recently started using Jim Laheys no knead bread. It’s delicious and easy. But, I still wanted the Zojirushi  bread machine. But I have a kitchen aid, so I saw a great recipe on another blog and decided to go for it.

So as a special treat and I’ve wanted this forever, I ordered from Williams Sonoma , their gold or professional bread pan. So instead if spending $200 on the Zorirushi, I spent $25 on a great 1.5 loaf pan. Can’t wait to get it. Also, in the old hippy days, I always made fresh butter. So when I saw the blog on Tomato boots, I thought, yeah, baby(Austin Powers reference ), I’m gonna do that too. It was fun .

So, here’s the next thing, not so happy, but, it was June 15 2005, when I got the official diagnosis of multiple myeloma. I’d never heard of it, and truly was in shock. So, it’s been 8 years, I’m doing pretty well. When you have this cancer, you’re just always waiting for the next shoe to drop, or something like that. I get checked (with blood tests ) every month. I know eventually I’ll be back on chemo, but for now life is good, and I’m going to keep making bread!

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