Simple Sunday

Apart from going out to a fancy lunch today at a winery for our anniversary, B is working on getting the roof ready for the new roof. he’s also going to put mud on the dry wall so I can paint the Kilnz this week. Then my daughter’s space should be all fixed up. we’re buying an Ikea closet so the space can be called a bedroom if we sell. Not much of a bedroom but still.

Also, we’ve decided to put out more money and have the two huge trees right next to house finally taken out , thats another $3500, but it really must be done. the one big tree is at least 3 feet wide and only 2 feet from the house. They will have to bring in a crane. I don’t plan on being here as my anxiety doesn’t do well with things like that.

Its a lot for us to be putting out and leaves our EF dwindled but i feel we need to do now. Maybe because my health issues this year have not been good, and i’m feeling a little pessimistic about it all. Who knows. but, this is the time to do this and I think its a right decision.

I hoping we can get the trees out within 2 weeks and then the roof would only be a two day turn around. Our roof is pretty easy overall to do.

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