Rain and a good doctor appt

We walked in the rain with our Froggs. If you need rain gear Froggs is terrific and not too expensive. It’s both a light jacket and pants you put on over your sweats.
I love walking in the rain as long as it’s not freezing and windy.

We are on day 533, I think.:)

So my doctor appt was good. It’s so nice to get my labs on line before so then I don’t obsess about it. My m protein is at .4 up from .3
My neutrophils are a little low, but that was 2 1/2 weeks ago so they probably rebounded some.
I’m going back on the 16 mg of dex and well see it that brings it a little down. Overall I feel good. I started rev last night and really zonked out. I forgot that rev makes you sleep deeper. I actually forgot my thyroid pill till later than usual. Since I always wake up at 2-3 am I take it but last night I slept right thru it till before getting up. Weird.

He didn’t think too much about my foot( toe ) numbness except it’s probably arthritis. Still it hurts, or numbish.

Not much else, but I’ll get zometa in December. I want to finish the year done with that.
Then we went to Winco, and then had a little lunch at one of our favorite places. It was a nice morning.
I’m off today, and then back to the library tomorrow.

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