Frugal Friday

It’s been an ok week budget-wise. We did go back to Costco for the things that were still on sale and other staples. I think we’re set until May sometime.

We leave for Wrights Beach next week so I will stop at Winco for just a few things. I usually take a premade mac and cheese, salad paks, peanut butter, etc. There are no stores really once you hit Bodega Bay except little convenience stores and there is one market but very expensive. It’s really better to have meals planned out.

We’re there longer than I thought, for 5 nights. Then we stay in Napa for one night too. It does help with the drive home to stop halfway. Going over to the coast is about 4- 4 1/2 hours so it’s a bit of a drive. Plus Napa has the full hookups whereas Wrights has no hookups at all. Not even available water. You need to have your water in the tank before parking. We’ll manage but probably need to be conservative.

I have a bunch of books to bring and I may bring my knitting. Of course, there’s the beach to walk on too, and the cliff trail. All in all, it should be nice weather and hopefully a nice trip.

I’m working on May’s budget and need to factor in Rubi’s DMV and insurance. That’ll take all our misc money for the month. May is my daughter’s birthday too so I’ll need to budget a birthday dinner of her choice.

I dropped off another bag of books for the FOL. Most were cookbooks that I finally decided I never make anything from so why was I keeping them? Also my copy of the Tightwad Gazette, which is fun to read but it’s pretty dated information. Plus I was never into extreme frugality like she was. Someone will probably love finding it at the used book sale.

This week both of our cars got a rock thrown at the windshield and put a star crack in them. I’m not sure if we’re calling to try and get it fixed or just wait and see if they get worse. Both were on the same area of the freeway so I’m guessing the road is rough from winter storms. Oh well, it’s always something.

4 thoughts on “Frugal Friday

  1. Have a wonderful trip! I need to emulate your ongoing decluttering as our move has pointed out that we still have too much stuff. How much of which things is enough is an ongoing question isn’t it.

    • You should plan a day trip up to Bodega. It’s probably no more than an hour and a half way. There are some great fish places. Spuds has a worldwide following and there are usually tour buses there but we go early before the crowds.

  2. Have a good trip – it sounds like you need to have everything carefully planned out – we have to do the same when we come up to Scotland as we can’t find everything in the local shops up here. We do like to support the local businessess where I can but we do have to bring some food with us. I remember reading about the Tightwad Gazette but never saw it over here. What a shame about your cars – it is such a hassle sorting things like that out.

    • The Tightwad Gazette has a cult type following but she wrote her stuff in the 80’s and 90’s and she was way off the chart with being frugal. It’s fun to read thru but it definitely is not my kind of frugal.

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