Simple Sunday

I’ve been canning jam all week. I made some peach jam which came out ok. I used the Pomona Pectin and can’t say I like it. It supposedly uses calcium water with pure pectin(both in the packet) to firm the jams. I wasn’t impressed. I bought 3 packs of the Pomona but I doubt I’ll use them unless I don’t have Sure Jell or Ball pectin.

The peaches I bought from Ikeda’s were very flavorful but the strawberries were a waste. So the jars you see here were emptied as they didn’t have any strawberry flavor and the Pomonas over firmed it and it was jelly- like and very weird. Oh well, live and learn.

Here’s a shot of my new chat Noir poster framed. When we were very young living in Tucson, I had a Chat Noir poster I loved. Somewhere, with some move it got tossed or ripped ( I don’t remember. So for Christmas B bought this one for me.

The broom is a french Jardin broom. I really love that it is beautiful and useful.

It’s been a busy week and I’m glad it’s over. My eye doctor appt went well and my vision is the same. Still can’t really see out of my right eye but fortunately, my left compensates and I have 20/20.

Then I saw Dr. L Thursday. It was pretty much an in and out visit. My Kappa LC went slightly up but nothing scary or remarkable. So that was good and I was out of there in 20 minutes. The most we talked about ( well, it was me talking he just sort of sits there) was about the best BBQ in South Lake Tahoe as he’s going to be up there in September.

Then I swam on Saturday and that was very nice. The pool was beautiful.

We walked this morning and it was already 77 at 5:30am. We have a new walker, an older guy who is friendly but not overly. The AH shows up @ 6 am and there have been a few days he’s not there so that’s nice. Tomorrow I may skip walking and go do weights but I’m not sure yet.

Yesterday I started Webi at 11am and cooked a pork roast. I was making pulled pork but it didn’t really shred but sliced nicely. It was delicious though. Today, I’m not sure what I’m cooking, maybe just leftovers. I made a coleslaw from the farmstand and wow the cabbage was delicious. I may try and do some sauerkraut or pickle some.

Flylady is the bedroom zone if you follow. Even if you don’t do zones it’s a good practice, to clear off dressers or side tables, wash windows, remove unneeded items, etc. The beauty of the Flylady zones is about every 5 weeks ( there are 5 basic zones, although you might have more if you have a big house with a family room and multiple bedroom) you clean thoroughly that zone. I’ve used her method( now modified to fit how my house is) for the last 12 years and I’ve looked at other systems and they are either too complicated or just hyped up mumbo jumbo house cleaning. Anyway, it’s a brilliant system that keeps me on track.