January 13, 1st Velcade

So yesterday I went down to the Mercy( Dignity Health) satellite medical center in Rocklin. It was about a 25 minute drive so this is less than 1/2 of going down to C street in Sacramento. It was very nice. A quite small infusion room with 5 chairs. The nurses(2) seemed exceptional and mine was over the top friendly and informative.

So this is round 1.

Shot one of 2.5 milligrams of bortezomib. The nurse said she had quite a few patients on different regimes such as weekly( no breaks), 2x weekly for 2 weeks and then a 2 week break. So I thought that was interesting.

The drive home uneventful and I was back quickly.

When I got home I waited till @ noon to take the dex. I rested a bit and got up around 2 and read some. My daughter made some tortellini for dinner. My eyes do get affected with dex and so we only watched one Bridgerton.

I took an Ativan and was in bed @ 9. I didn’t fall right to sleep but eventually. This morning I could tell it was still a Dexish morning so I’ve done some of my morning resets( swish and swipe), tidy kitchen, and started a IP of yogurt. I did cut our walk short by 1 round as I was just too tired to do another.

So onward to Shot # 2 next week.

6 thoughts on “January 13, 1st Velcade

  1. Hi Christina, first of all I didn’t know you are such a survivor warrior and was Dx in 2005! Wow, you need to “brag” about this more! that’s truly amazing to have survived the amount of years you have, and with the success you have! What a story you have. I went back and read your early posts :)) And here I whine and complain about all my shizzzz from Dec 2009l On my 11th year nowl But I was Dx with High RisK IGA myeloma, and I have had to treat the stinkn cancer continually with basically NO break.
    Anyway girlfriend, I am sorry you are back in treatment, but better to pummel it now, then wait until it gets outta control, like mine always is. Hoping Velcade is your friend again, and all goes well for you! I’ve had to get a bag of Platelets, and 2 bags of donor blood, and I’ll be starting Darzalez, Velcade, Pomalyst and Dex. I’ve had all these previously, but not all together. Ugh, I am so sick of being sick and weak all the time. Glad you are able to do all the fun projects you do. I would love to have the energy to do all the things you do. I also have become “Extramedullary and have several tumor masses outside the typical myeloma bone issues. Those are causing me issues, and
    I’ll probaby to Radiation again there as my Abdominal mass is quite big, bloats me up and I feel preggo! Anyway good luck with your situation, and I’m sure it will resolve itself asap, as it seems it did before. Hope your hubby is doing well too. xoxo Julie

    • So far so good. A few minor discomforts from the dex but overall ok. A couple of issues I need to address with the doctor but I don’t see him till the end of the month.

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