Five on Friday

  • I’m feeling pretty good this morning and most of the ‘Dex’ effects are gone. Just a small bit of hyper-ness. But I put that to use making yogurt in the IP. Actually, I made it yesterday and I put the yogurt selection on for 24 hours. It looks good. Also, frugal-wise, I bought the organic milk at Costco just for this purpose so it was 2 gallons for 9.95. So 1/2 a gallon is about $2.50. That puts a quart of homemade organic yogurt at $2.50.
  • We picked up the free pizza at the Holiday Market for dinner tonight. Each month there is a coupon for something free so this month is the pizza. It’s not the best pizza but heck it’ll be fine. Last night my son cooked the new vegetable burgers from Costco that were on sale. Normally $12.89 and then $5.00 off. The box is 10 burgers I think. They are not soy or pea protein like Beyond burgers or Impossible. They are brown rice, veggies, and almonds. We all like them with pickles, cheese( swiss) and tomatoes, and lettuce. If you go to Costco they are on sale till Jan 24.
  • Our weather is really nice , with a high yesterday of 67. We really need rain but this is nice ,and I’m enjoying it. Next does show some rain though.
  • I’m re-reading all the Sue Grafton books and that’s been fun. She was such a good writer and I totally enjoy reading about Santa Barbara that she called Santa Theresa. I don’t know if I ever mentioned that the first trip I did to SB with B when he was working, we were walking the beach path near the marina and in the parking lot near one of the restaurants was a 1974 light blue VW with Kinsey on the license plate. Of course, if you know her character Kinsey Millhone, she drove a Baby blue 1974 VW. We never saw her but still, I saw her car. ( Sue Grafton’s as she lived in Santa Barbara).
  • We’re planning on having a fire in the fire pit this afternoon as again the temps are still @ 67 degrees. It’s nice to sit out and watch the birds and have a glass of wine or two:)

7 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. How fun to see Kinsey and Sue Grafton’s car! I can’t remember in which book she lost it, due to fire I think? Anyhow, much enjoyed the entire series as well, and will have to give similar thought to doing a re-read.

    We are warm here this weekend in S. California! Planning to spend the bulk of it at or near the beach. Even on Sunday when, hooray, my husband goes to Huntington Beach to get his first vaccine shot. He’s 65, and so when Gov. Newsom and our county (Orange) announced seniors could now get their COVID shot, I got on it and finally succeeded in getting an appointment. For him. I’m not yet 65, so my turn is still down the road..

    • this might be my third time reading them. They are still fun and fresh. I went to the pet ASAP bookstore in town where they sell all books for $1.00 so I bought 4 of Graftons to start!

  2. I traveled to the Ritz Hotel in Cleveland back in the early 90’s to hear Sue Grafton speak. The Cleveland Plain Dealer sponsored a few Author luncheons during the year and I believe the other speakers were a political humorist and a very popular espionage writer – possibly Grissom? It was a pretty diverse audience! No photos since we didn’t have cell phones, but my memories are the businessmen at our table (not there for Sue) eyeing the radicchio in the salad very suspiciously and leaving it on the plate, the wash and wear dress from I believe the Gap that Sue wore and the feeling when she spoke that we could be very good friends. So sad at her loss. I found her (and Kinsey) so inspiring.

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