New Fence

This is our new fence that you see when you drive up our hill. We are the last house and our neighbors( the old man, Leo) house is on the right as you drive up. The fencing that was there was just rusty old hog wire that the original owner had up. Sometime after the new neighbors moved in ( about 2 years ago now) we knew we wanted a more private fence. Their house is across the driveway and down some. They remodeled the garage to be a studio apartment for their adult daughter. It’s a great property and they bought it at a really great price from the original owners.

The boards are not redwood but stained fir. So they may not last 25 years but they should last a good long time.

So this is looking down the driveway and you can see our little house onthe left.

My daughter did an amazing job building this and digging the post holes with the help of her Dad.

So this shot is looking down the driveway to where we park. That’s my daughters Honda Fit. To the right is Leo’s house and we know once he dies and the house goes on the market we will build the same fence along this property line. His house and the yard are right there to the right and I don’t want to see new neighbors especially if they are noisy and have kids.

We’re actually thinking of coming down the one side so we can block off seeing the neighbors truck and hoarding yard filled to the brim with everything.

This is shot looking down toward the neighbors mess.

We’re planning on spraying it this summer with some kind of sealant or outdoor stain even though it is already coated.

Our property line actually comes straight out from the end post so the fence is not on the property line as that would close off the driveway too much for emergency vehicles. Our new neighbor was parking his RV across from this shot and it was limiting access. Interestingly, right after he moved it down by his garage Leo( our 95 yr old face planted right there and knocked himself out and is still recovering in the hospital from a brain bleed. I really don’t think he’ll be coming back to his house but we’ll see. We do feel bad for him living alone but he wants to die there and not in a nursing home so I understand that.

Here you can see the other driveway that leads to the barn and the sunporch entry way. We plan to put up another gate here in the summer. Our next fencing project would be back behind the barn to block the view of our very ‘unfriendly’ neighbors that built a huge workshop that we can see and hear him in all the time. He rebuilds cars and is always grinding away. Plus they moved up from the valley so they’re new to ‘country ‘ living.

6 thoughts on “New Fence

  1. Your daughter did a great job and my goodness but you live in a lovely settling. Too bad about the neighbors who aren’t the best though.

  2. We have some interesting new neighbors, too. Or should I say challenging? We replaced our wooden picket fence for hopefully the last time right before they moved in. We are trying to block the view of the appliance graveyard, junk car, and other assorted scenery with some tall shrubs for now. Personally, I would like to build a fort.

    • Most everyone on our ‘hill ‘ is nice. And most have been here a long time but recently( the house that sold 2 years ago) the owner had died. But he built the house and so this is only the 2nd owner. We are the 2nd owners too as the ‘old’ man Clark bought this property in 1949. Leo, our oldest neighbor, who is the one who just fell( again) moved here in 1950. But that house was almost completely redone when a tree fell on it 3 years ago. So when he dies, the family will sell. it’s not the most attractive place so we’re concerned that ‘some rednecks’ might buy it.:)

    • The new neighbors are the youngest at late ’40s. Everyone else is retired. But it is mostly a nice bunch of neighbors. The one behind the barn is definitely a flatlander but his driveway is not connected to ours. I will be very happy to get the view of all his cars blocked by a fence.

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