WordPress changes

So, WordPress has changed the editor settings and it is a challenge. I like things to be constant and not change too much. I did email them and they kindly addressed the issue of going back to a different format but I think I will forge ahead and learn this one.

Doing new stuff is good for the brain cells!! Ok, tried underline and that seemed to work.

  • So I’m playing around with this.
    • I tried to do these bullet points and that seems easy enough. But when I tried to enlarge the type it would let me do both. I’ll have to check on that.

So here’s a picture of the hydrangeas, which by the way, are now going on 9 days old so the boiling water really did work.

So I can enlarge the print but not add the bullet points at the same time???

Everytime I go to a new line I need to reclick the font size?

So other wordpress users, how is it going? Are you confused as well?

I’ll probably have my son help me navigate this later today.

We did have have a lovely walk and only had the one other lady who has been more regular. Not sure why she’s there so early alone but heck, we’re there. Then the jerk, showed up zooming in at 6 am. I’m glad we were leaving.

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