Friday things

It’s been a busy morning already and it’s coming up close to 12noon.

  1. I made another batch of tomato sauce for the freezer so that just needs to cool.

2. I grilled some chicken to make a chicken salad either later or for tomorrow. I also have 2 containers of tofu that need to be used so I may make a tofu curry to have over rice.

3. We walked @ 5:30 and the moon way up and it was really nice. Although jerk, the dog walker, is getting there VERY early for some unknown reason and not using a flashlight so we can’t really see where he is…UGH.. I wish he would move away or something.

4. I made pizza dough for dinner, so that’s in the refrigerator doing a cold rise.

5. I did 13 minutes on the treadmill. I’m trying not to do too much at a time and will build up to 20 minutes and then 25, and eventually 30 minutes of walking.

6. B has pulled up some of the pine boards in my office space/ extra space and it looks like doing just a partial job is not going to cut it. It would look too patched so he’s going to pull them all up and we’ll put new 1×12 pine boards down and then varathane. This is Labor day weekend so no going to Home Depot till next week.

7. We are in for some brutal hot weather over the next 4 days. Temperatures are supposed to be in the 100’s. Not something anyone likes. But at least we have the coolers still in.

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