Simple Sunday

I’ve learned a few things about the new WordPress editor. So, first off the font size needs to be set each time I start a new paragraph or block as it’s called. OK, got that.

Figured out the aligning. I like to align in the center although it doesnt always happen.

Today is the kitchen zone and I just finished up. I still need to do floors probably tomorrow.

I have some no knead bread going but I didn’t wait yesterday to test the sourdough( dropping a spoonful in water and if it floats it’s ready). So it hasn’t really done a great rise but I’m this far into it so I’ll bake it up and see how it turns out.

The other night we watched The muppet Movie and it was really fun and such a great cast. Then last night we watched the newer one from ? the 90’s not sure when it was done but it also was really a fun movie.

We have decided to pull up ALL the pine boards in my room( office) converted porch???

B in his tie dye shirt vacuuming up the mess. he’s one of the few people with his skin tone that can wear tie dyes well.

In this one you can see the stairs and how the pine looks. The stairs are way more complicated as this was all concrete and he had to measure and cut and then put down the pieces. The tile is now up too.

Today is supposed to be the hottest day but I’m very concerned about fire danger. There are red flag warning in all of California and it’s a very scary situation. Hopefully by Wednesday were back done to normal 90’s.

I’m planning on scrambled tofu for dinner as I need to use it up. I’ll add some peppers and maybe garden tomatoes.

Here’s one of my new Bombas T shirts. I am very happy with them and they really wear nicely. I checked and they are 100% Peruvian Pima Cotton. I absolutely feel they are worth the $30? I think with the coupon it was less. But the coupon was only for a first time buyer.

Well, off to get that bread going!

7 thoughts on “Simple Sunday

  1. Looks like a NOT fun job, replacing floors! But, I’m sure they’ll be great when you finish..
    It’s really hot here in San Diego. We’re at the beach & it’s 91:((( It’s supposed to begin to cool down in a few hours, I can hardly wait!

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