Simple Sunday

I’m getting some bread dough ready to put in the Le Creuset and bake. I used mostly 00 flour so it is quite soft and I’m not sure how it will do its rise. I have some bread flour for the next loaf so if it doesn’t rise right in the oven I will start another loaf for tomorrow. Bread making is really an artform and when I have gaps of 3-4 months not making bread in the summer, it’s like starting over with getting the feel of it. It’s OK , I have nothing better to do.

This week is the bathroom zone for those following Flylady. If you haven’t streamlined your bathroom, now is a good time. Try not to have visual clutter and keep things off counters. I’d also suggest using white or neutral colors to keep the space fresh.( There’s a reason hotels always use fluffy white towels)!!

I’ve been playing around with making some macrame plant hangers. I have a lot of plants and I was looking at a few pinterest things and hanging the plants got my attention. It’s definitely a throw back to the 70’s. I actually use to do lots of macrame. But the few I just did and the couple I just bought make the hanging plants look nice and they are off the floor which actually was my primary goal.

Today I’m going to work on doing some knots and see how it goes. I tried to use some jute I had and it was too thin so I bought a roll at the hardware store but that was too thick and had a wire in it. So I ordered macrame cord from Amazon.

I’ve definitely been off with cooking. Maybe it’s just all the smoke but I haven’t felt like cooking all week. Last night we had Kodiak pancakes and that was good enough. Tonight I am going to do a pasta bake but even that’s not really inspired, it’s just something to put together to eat.

Here’s a shot of the pine floor. But some of it is still not quite staying down and 2 boards have bowed slightly. What a pain. So it looks like he will need to either try again with these 2 boards or get 2 new ones.

I do hope the firefighters can get a handle on these terrible fires. I think I read Oregon was expecting some rain so that would really help. California doesn’t really get rain( unless it’s a very unusual storm, till the end of October. If we don’t start taking global warming more seriously I afraid the future might be just as bleak.