Friday Stuff

There’s not much going on over here at Casa Neumann’s.  Same ol’ same ol’.

This morning I’m going into Safeway to get a few items that are needed but other than that just the regular stuff. Most of my house chores are done for the week except a tidy up here and there.

I have pizza dough made ( on Wednesday) so I just need to bring it out of the fridge and let rise at room temperature.

I was looking at upright freezers for the ol’ prepper pantry but geez everything is sold out.  If I order a small one 14 ft it says delivery is in October, so maybe?? Do any of you use both a small chest freezer( that’s what I have now) and an upright?? What do you stock up on. I know I could put my extra flour and rice in there and that would extend shelf life. Plus milk freezes well and cheese. Let me know what you do. Other people’s setups are helpful to know.


OMG, we had a bear go thru the yard last night.  Arlo recorded it around 3:30 am. We have a mountain lion that’s been hanging around but we’ve never seen a bear. They are here because people have lost their chickens to bears but we’ve never seen one. Very Wild things going on.


4 thoughts on “Friday Stuff

  1. I’ve thought about getting a small freezer, but first I thought I needed to utilize my regular freezer space of my fridge better. I need a shelf or something. Have a good weekend.

  2. We gave our upright to our daughter. I do stick my flour, and any other grain. in the freezer for two days. Then it goes in a sealed bucket. I don’t like frozen milk. When working at the food pantry I learned that chicken lasted the longest in the freezer (12 months) followed by pork (6 months) and beef (3 months). I seal them to keep them longer. The door of my freezer is butter. Otherwise, it is all veggies- stacked. I keep my sealed cheese in the fridge. YUM.

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