Another sad day…

We lost Finnie yesterday.



4BC83E01-6F8F-4B89-835A-B8DAA105BC0A.jpegAlmost a month exactly from when Ollie died. Finnie seemed to be doing okay. We took him to the vet and he did a round of antibiotics but over this last week he got worse. We’re not really sure what it was but he was acting very weird and then confused and not very aware of things. So we called the vet and he went to kitty heaven. It’s been a hard last 9 months with both dogs and now both our cats. The cats were 17 years old and were adopted together so maybe they were so bonded or something. Anyway, it’s lonely in the morning without them yowling for cream and food. I’m sure we will get some kitties down the road but not for a while yet.

I think pets teach us so much about life and death. Plus they are just present. A lot to be learned from that alone.

The weather is still blah. Not sunny not rainy. Just grey. We walked this morning and only the one other dog walker was there so that was nice.

My labs came in and it’s okay. My kappa light chains went to 110mg/L so an 18 point increase and Lambda went down to 12mg/L. Looking back over my labs since 2015 my Lambda never did go out of normal range but that’s because my myeloma is kappa. So now the ratio is up to 9.23mg/L  So going up.

I’m planning to not go down to Sac at the end of the month but the assistant said we could do a video conference so that’s what I’ll do.  Really nothing different is going to be said until he’s ready for me to start treatment.  Sigh:(

I’m going to make some cookies today and then move some pantry stuff. My order of flour should be showing up today. That’s a good thing as I’m starting a Tartine bread leaven and will need the flour tomorrow.



15 thoughts on “Another sad day…

  1. Sorry about your pets. I’m afraid one of our cats doesn’t have long to go, but hoping he pulls through. They sure do enrich our world. Hope they can keep your numbers under control.

  2. I’m so sorry Finnie is gone. What a cute little kitty. After our last one passed, we said never again. Four weeks later we had another cat.

    • I know. It was kinda a surprise. He was always the super healthy one. Well, I do see kitties in the future but I guess we’ll need to wait till this whole thing is over.

    • Gosh, you are so right… It is a shock. I thought Finnie would make it another year, but alas no. Thank you. I do enjoy reading your blog so much. Your village( town) seems very quaint. Plus you are so artistic. Best to you across the pond!!

  3. I’m so sorry about the loss of your cat…well, all of them so close together. They certainly leave a hole in our lives.
    I hope you can have a good bit of time before you have to start treatment again, and maybe life will be a little more normal by then.

    • I hope so too. He is reluctant to start I think when my numbers are huge. I guess he wants the biggest bang for the chemo. I’ll see what he says at the end of the month.

  4. So sorry about your two cats — we lost our dog just a year ago this month and we still miss her — and not to make light of it, but baking cookies goes a long way toward improving anyone’s mood. Take care!

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