Five on Friday

  • Yesterday was the new UCD transplant doctor appointment. It went absolutely brilliant. He’s a very fine man and has great bedside manners and told us most of what we need to know. The transplant only has a 50/50 chance of it working which we did know. With his brothers match it increases slightly. The real danger is in infections and donor rejection and graft vs host disease. So many things. We will just need to vigilant.
  •   His brother will need to be her a minimum of 8 days in order to be tested and then 5 days of Neupogen shots and then 1 day for the SC harvest. It will be challenging to say the least. I haven’t really figured out a plan yet on how to interact with him. I’m probably going to see him once and be grateful and maybe one last time when he’s ready to go home. We still need to figure the logistics as we are responsible for his flights and lodging. I’m secretly hoping he’ll just offer as he is the ‘rich brother’ who got the inheritance which is how the estrangement initially happened.  Too long of a story to repeat here.
  • So we need another BMB hopefully next week to see if the blasts have decreased. I’m sorta guessing not as his blood work isn’t really improving.  But let’s hope it hasn’t increased as that would be bad.  We’ll just have to wait.
  • I’m supposed to go to the gym but I’m feeling really tired so I’m not.
  • At least it’s partly sunny today, that’s something.