Change of plans…

So I talked with the bone marrow transplant coordinator for UHC this week to find out the actual numbers of our co-pay. She didn’t really know that but said that since Sutter was out of network, there could be unexpected bills that will show up.  So I asked if we switch to in-network that won’t happen and she said yes.  So I went hmmm….

So then I called UHC line and spoke to an agent and she was very helpful. As of right now till June 1st Barclay has met the $6,000 deductible so transplant is 100% covered. With that information, I came home and we discussed that it would be just easier and best for us to go in- network which will be UCD in Sacramento. Stanford or UcSF is just too far. Because we are less than 50 miles away( we are 40) no lodging or gas will be given. But that’s what we did the GoFundMe for.

So I called the nurse coordinator for Dr. Kiwan and told them we decided we needed to go with in-network. She spoke with Kiwan later and we canceled the appt for today.  Then Barclay called his local oncologist and she is the one to send the referral to UCD. I think it’ll set us back a bit but the testing is done for his brother and he is a match.  For some reason, they were going to mail us the results of the genetic breakdown to take to UCD. Not sure why they wouldn’t just send it with all his other test results. Anyway, we’ll need to meet with a transplant team all over but that’s ok.

I am 100% sure this is the right course of action. Even if we go past June 1st, we can make payments on the $6000. We will be sure they are aware of the deadline for this calendar year.

Hopefully, we will hear tomorrow or early next week.

But at least we know exactly where we stand.