‘The Laundress’ product review

After reading about ‘ The Laundress’ home cleaning products I decided to spring for the window cleaner and the all-purpose cleaner.

I love the simplicity of these products and especially like the white labels. Elegant but simple and minimalist looking.

What I didn’t expect is the window cleaner is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I have made my owner cleaner with vinegar and water. I’ve made it with the rubbing alcohol too. I’ve also been addicted to Windex.  But they all after a few days still seem to leave a film or streaks.

The first time I used “The Laundress’ window cleaner I was completely blown away. It was crystal clear. It is non-toxic so I’m not sure how they formulate the ingredients but somehow. it must be their ratio that makes this so amazing.

I haven’t used the concentrated cleaner yet but will this weekend. I can only imagine it is as good.

If you’re looking for a wonderfully simple product give this a try.  I’m looking to check out their laundry soap and a few other products of theirs so I’ll let you know.IMG_0591.jpeg