‘stupid is, as stupid does’ Forrest Gump

I really should read the WHOLE recipe before trying something.

I bought some lovely peaches

IMG_1487.jpg to make jam. They were not cheap. Two baskets at 7.99 each.  Local, so nice. Then I got it in my head to make lavender peach jam.

So I soaked the lovely lavender buds then promptly threw away the liquid and put the soaked buds in my lovely jam. Then I read the recipe and it was to use the liquid and toss the lavender buds.  Well, there they are floating in my jam.



They don’t taste bad just a little chewy. I guess these won’t be gifts and when we eat them we’ll have to push off those little seeds. oh well. ‘stupid is as stupid does’, I guess.



IMG_1486 (1).jpg


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