8th of December

Well, it’s Friday.

I have to run a few errands today like AAA to pay a car registration and I want to stop at Goodwill to see if I can score a grapevine wreath to add fresh pine boughs to for a door wreath.  Probably not too likely but then Michaels is around the corner but I don’t want to pay for a new one but I’ll check out the price.

Then I’m going to putter around the house and see what needs to be done. Here’s my little project for this week. This charming little dresser was a thrift store find years ago. Since I love anything with acorns, this was a win for me. But here’s the before picture

IMG_1106.jpg This is a blue color although you cant tell. Then I bought some chalk paint and here’s the result


This lives in our tiny bathroom and holds bathroom stuff.

Here’s a great little tip fora creative way to hold your soap. I think I got this years ago from Real Simple.

Get a bonsai type planter at the nursery, usually, they are very pretty and rustic looking. Then gather or buy black river rocks. I got mine also, years ago at Lake Tahoe at a very specific beach that has these black stones. Just put the rocks in to create a drain of sorts and they hold the soap.


IMG_1117.jpg Have fun!


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