Ending September

It’s almost the end of September and that’s my birthday. Probably why I like fall so much.  Even so, I enjoy the cool nights and warm days. Yesterday was quite warm and I got quite a few things done.

  • Dropped off a load of 4 boxes of food to our local food bank
  • got the paint out to paint the shake shingles but there’s not enough so I’ll need to go to the paint store.
  • laundry 2x. I try and do only a load a day but sometimes there’s enough to do a small white and small dark load.
  • Paid my son’s minor surgery bill
  • waited for the ATT guy to fix the internet
  • went to the gym

Think  I’m going to write down some goals for October just to be accountable.

  1. Paint the shake shingles where we replaced the door and windows.
  2. Buy at least 4 Christmas items, this could be gift cards or a book or item of clothing that might be needed. My son needs new slippers so that’s one.
  3. Garden or be out in the yard tidying up 3 x a week for 15 minutes. We need to clean up the vegetable gardens and my herb garden and plant for fall.
  4. Go on one date with B, could be coffee or lunch.
  5. Help with FOL book and bake sale
  6. Make one new Julia Child recipe
  7. Get my blood work done the 3rd week of October.
  8. Continue to empty one bin and consolidate. Perhaps another round of Life magazines and there’s my children’s Waldorf main lesson books and art to go thru.
  9. ?
  10. ?  TB figured out


On my list for today is finally get the outside windows washed. I use the Windex spray bottle that is mad for outside windows ( I got mine at Home Depot). I’ve been using this product for several years as I just can’t get on a ladder anymore. So this bottle attaches to your hose and has a wash selection and then a rinse. It works pretty well. I use to take the screens off and then use a squeegee but now I don’t even do that. It’s not perfect but it’s good enough.



Here’s my little fire from last night sitting out.