Simple Sunday


This was on our way to Zephyr Cove, over past Incline Village.

Today is another super hot day, so outside time will be limited. Plus the air quality is pretty awful with fires all around.

I have done a few daily chores already.

  • 1 x load of laundry done( in the dryer)
  • Bed sheets ready to change, I do this every Sunday
  • Kitchen tidied
  • Bathroom swish and swiped, I used to do this daily but now I still clean the sink area daily but do the floor every other day.

This week the zone is the kitchen and I’ve gotten a head start by windexing the cabinets yesterday.

I still need to vacuum and dinner prep and I’d like to prep some things for the week. I might make a red lentil dal. We could have that with naan bread or tortillas. It really does help in simplifying to do a small amount every day and then do one deeper clean (in a zone) weekly. It helps to keep things clean and tidy and isn’t overwhelming.

Today is a gym day(leaving soon) then a few chores in town. Cat food, cat food, cat food.!!!