Back from Nakoma

Nakoma is a golf resort and lodge in Northern California. The main attraction is that it was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Apparently, the plans were uncovered at some point and the investors of this resort bought the rights to the plans. The Lodge is quite spectacular. Apparently, the golf course, named the Dragon, is one of the more challenging ones in the country.  Also, it is for really rich people as witnessed by us.

We had dinner at the Lodge and it was a disaster. The roasted garlic plate was good, not great. My French onion soup I sent back as it was yucky and the Ceasar salad was weird in that the romaine lettuce was chopped or shredded really. I ate about a third.  All in all not impressive which was too bad as it is a unique experience.  Maybe we hit an off night.

Then we headed the next day to Quincy and had breakfast at our favorite place.  I shopped the co- op a little while B worked and then we headed home. It was a lovely fall drive.


IMG_0969 (1).jpg