Middle of the week

This week has gone by quickly.

Yesterday, we spent  3 hours looking at small ultra light rvs.  We liked the Coleman again as we did last year. And we liked 2 others. Then we came home and talked about them.  WE weren’t sure about the Coleman for a few reasons and we both seemed undecided.  It’s a big decision so I guess were hesitant.  We’ve had our Coleman tent trailer 17 years and I guess we’ve always liked the space that the pop outs give you. But I really want a bathroom in the trailer. We do BTW, have a porta potty so you know…. Anyway, then we started looking at the hybrids that the sleeping area pops out like a tent trailer but the living space is huge. So, it’s more than I thought we’d spend but since this is the last trailer we I’ll get, I want to be sure we love it.  Plus, the Santa Fe can only tow up to 5000lbs. So, we’ll keep processing.

Yesterday I had another eye check up with my regular eye doctor. He took another scan and the macular pucker was still the same. So, for now, I will just continue to monitor it.

I made this amazing beet raspberry soap. IMG_0821  It’s a recipe from the New Vegetarian Epicure by Anna Thomas. It’s a cold soup and is only a few ingredients including a pint of raspberries. I grew up on Borscht and love it so this is a cold Borscht soup. Basically, cook the beets ( I used one bunch from the farmers market) till tender @ 45 minutes, then in a blender add the onion 1/4 of red, lemon juice 2 tbsp or so, then the cooled beets and a pint of raspberries. She said strain then and serve but I didn’t strain and it was fine. A dollop of sour cream and yum.

To have with this, I made a wild rice salad with green onions from the garden, a few small chunks of cheddar and it seems some thing else but I can’t remember.

Tonight, the family is going to see the Batman movie (an oldie) at the theatre so I’m just putting together some sandwiches. Veggie bacon tomato and avocado. I made some regular bacon for the meat eaters.  I’m sticking with the Morningstar strips.

I’ve been watching Janet King on Amazon prime. It’s quite excellent if you’re looking for a new series to watch.

I went out to the barn and worked on the new shelf area.  I got rid of enough Life magazines to empty  1/2 bin. Hurray, it’s getting there. I also put a few things of my sons in a bin since when he’s in SF he won’t need them. Then, I’m going to have a huge load to go to the thrift store.  Books to the SPCA bookstore, and just stuff to Goodwill.

We also dropped off 6 boxes of food for the food bank over in our little town of Applegate. It serves a wide area and isn’t the Salvation Army food bank. They never bring Jesus into the picture and as an atheist, I appreciate that. But they do good work for those that need food. I appreciate that they provide this service for anyone who needs it. So for me, religion doesn’t come into the picture.

Tomorrow is a gym day and ??


5 thoughts on “Middle of the week

  1. I have a macular pucker, also. What does your doctor say about it. One food bank here grills people on their beliefs. I was recalcitrant, so in desperation they asked me if I knew where I would go if I died tonight. I was so self-assured in my answer that they were still not happy. I refuse to be bullied into admitting anything I believe.

    • Hi there Practical,
      The retinal specialist and my regular eye doctor said it’s just something that can happen. Personally, I still think it’s the steroids that I was on for 12 years off and on. I’m sure at some point when I relapse, I’ll be back on steroids so who knows. Other than surgery there’s nothing to do but just live with it which is what I’m doing. I think if it got worse, I do the surgery but for now, I’m just tolerating it.

  2. Tada for me — I’ve finally caught up on reading your blog from start to finish.

    And thank you! After a year and a half post SCT, 2 years post diagnosis, I really have needed someone I could look to who had “been there, done that” in regards to all things MM. While I know my future not be as bright as the one you have had (each MM journey seems so different), I can see myself accomplishing things I have been planning on.

    I too am an avid reader, Flylady devotee (although I fell for the wagon — hmm, something to work on going forward), love baking bread, and an intrigued by minimalism — a nothing something to work n as we go forward.

    I am especially inspired by your breadth of MM knowledge. Where would you recommend starting on with self education (for instance, which lab numbers are most important to keep an eye on)?

    Thanks again for this blog,

    • It gets easier as time goes on. Honestly, when I first diagnosed in 2005, i was in shock and there wasn’t any online support groups or even bloggers back then. I just kept my head in the sand so to speak. When I relapsed in 2010, is when I started digging in. By then pat Killingsworth was blogging and a wealth of information, plus the ACOR on line group( that doesn’t exist anymore in that form). The myeloma beacon was up and running and reading about other peoples experiences, symptoms, what they did really really helped me. Everyone’s journey is different but we can truly learn from each other. As for labs, light chains are important both Kappa and lambda, plus the SPEP test.

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