Yeah!!!! Here’s to 1 year of no Chemo

My labs are in and I am so excited, happy and a little delirious.  My kappa light chains went DOWN to 13.6 mg/L from 14.2 mg/L so very happy about that. The lambda light chains are at 11.4 so virtually unchanged. The ratio went down to 1.19.  Believe me, I am beyond happy.  It has been an amazing year for me. I know things will change as life changes but for now, I am celebrating.  My doctor just smiles and nods his head since there’s not really a lot to talk about. I was all ready to talk about future treatment plans but hey, another day. so I won’t see him ’till September, labs will be pushed out a little farther than I’ve done, to around 9 weeks. I can handle it…. I can handle it … I can handle it… 🙂

We were out of there really fast and then headed up to Costco.  Gee, the parking lot at 10 am was insane. the only thing I could think of is that people were trying to beat the heat. since it was a payday, we splurged on pool shock( a bucket for $65), a new lantern for the tent trailer, some trail hikers for B ( 19.99)  and a few other thingsI can’t remember.

Then we got home by 12 noon.  It was almost a 100 already.

Today is not as hot at around 98 degrees. Tomorrow even better.

I’m going to grill a marguerite pizza.

8 thoughts on “Yeah!!!! Here’s to 1 year of no Chemo

  1. Awesome news! I found your blog from Debt Girl and became intrigued about your story and read from the beginning. Thanks to you I have some great book recommendations and I’ve started doing FlyLady cleaning. I’m pretty good about eliminating the clutter (minus master closet), but I was a pretty disorganized cleaner. Anyway, this is Kim in Columbia, MO and I am pulling for your continued health.

    • Thanks, Kim. I love Debt Girls blog. So honest and down to earth. Fly lady really helped me out when I needed to just do the 15-minute thing. I still do the zones weekly and honestly, my housework is a breeze. Of course, my house is quite small. Under 900 square feet. I guess I’m in fashion with tiny houses except we’ve been here 22 years with 2 kids. Well,thanks again.

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