Happy First day of Summer

It is so hot here that many records are being broken. Tomorrow is suppose to be the worst day(108) and that’s my oncologist appointment in Sacramento. Ugh…. well, hopefully in and out quickly. Then a quick stop at Costco for coffee and pool stuff and other stuff.

We plan on being home by 12 so not too bad.

Today I went with B up to Tahoe so he could visit some accounts and then take me out to lunch.  We went to New Moon in Truckee, very cool store. I bought a few things I needed like tahini.   Then I had a great cold brew coffee at Zuri and it was pretty darn yummy..

Then we went over to Tahoe City to go to the New Moon there, but their power was out so we just dropped stuff(samples).  Then we couldnt figure out lunch so we were going to go to the public beach in Tahoe city, but there was no parking and it was teaming with kids( definetely a no no for me).  So we thought oh… lets drive down to Kings Beach… Ok… well again because its’s so hot in the valley people are streaming up in hordes.  So back to Tahoe City to River Pizza which is right  on the Truckee river. And since there was no rafting today, there was parking. A slice of deliciousness.

Then back home to 101 degrees.

I’ll let you know if we melt….