simple sunday

It’s been a quiet day here. I went to the gym and it was really empty which is the way I like it. I’m working on 15 min. of cardio, then 20 -25 on the machines.  I have a little routine and I am being really careful. I think once you’ve had a compressin fracture and know the  pain it’s like a memory in your body. So I always lift carefully and never do something that feels too hard. Fortunately, with my Myeloma right now, i dont have bone issues but it’s always a reminder that it does happen. I’m especially susceptible in my ribs, where I have had fractures just from moving the wrong way. But for now since my numbers are all normal I feel it’s go for it so that when the inevitible happens I’ll be stronger.

Then B and my daughter went to Costco to pick up her dogs antiseizure meds, but alas, the pharmacy was closed. But they did pick up some fruit, and other misc. stuff. She still had to stop at the vets to get some meds refilled till I get back down to Costco.

All in all a nice Sunday.  I was doing the Minimalists decluttering challenge this month and right now I’m on 90 things. so far from the mark of 400. So if you want to try it , it’s 1 thing on day 1 , 2 things on day 2 , etc.  Most of my stuff was just odds and ends. I have our old flat screen in the barn my son was using so I’m going to take that to good will this week plus more Life magazines. Fly lady aones this week are the Living room and then on the 1st the entry way. Our LR is very easy, few knickknacks and so I dust and wash windows and that’s about it. Out entry is always a problem this time of year. Shoes, bags etc. There’s no place extra so it definetlry is a hot spot. Plus now the dog food bucket is there and off to one side is a covered cat box. Fortunately we use a cat litter called Swheat, which helps keep smell zero ( almost). So there you have it.

Tonight is pinto beans in the crock pot. Tortillas ,cheese and salsa. all the avacodas are too hard to add.image

4 thoughts on “simple sunday

  1. I love the simplicity of your life Christina, and how you depict it! If I just had days where I felt well enough to declutter, that’s been my goal for years. I have tons of energy on Dex days, but often have to use those days for other things. Now that I am not going to chemo lab for Kyprolis, and I’ve started Pomalyst, I hope to get going on the years worth of stuff! So glad you are doing so well, and MM is staying suppressed for you! Are you on any maintenance? Happy Holidays to you and your family Christina! Julie

  2. Thanks Julie!! I hope Pomalyst works great for you. It did wonders for Myeloma Don the marathon runner. It did stop working for him eventually but he got a lot of years out of it. I tried Pom last year and unfortunately it did nada. So I’m hoping you get a great response. No maintenance. My doctor and I agree that less is more and we both felt this was a good way to proceed. I get my December labs in a few weeks so I’ll know if month 6 is still good.
    I send Happy Holidays to you too.

  3. I’m having shivers at the idea of pinto beans. I tried them from scratch/dry for this first time a month or so ago, and made a variety of dishes. I’ve eaten them & ended up with a small stomach ache, but didn’t think anything of it. Today I had a generous portion & I was SO miserable for about six hours. I’m finally recovering. I’ve now gone through the freezer & trashed everything, but I won’t be attempting beans from scratch anymore. 🙂

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