Alone vs lonely

This week with B gone working and taking our daughter on the trip with him, I had a chance to be alone a lot. I enjoy my time alone. I read (a lot),cook simple foods like (quesadillas) and do small things.  I’m never lonely and enjoy my own company. I keep to my fly lady schedule, tidy and work on small projects.  My son was working late 2 nights so he wasn’t around for dinner but then Friday night he cooked a nice Bbq  for us. So, I enjoy being alone and am never lonely.  I suppose since I’m not a very social person that accounts for it. Actually, I’ve never been a social person and have never had many close friends. I use to worry about that, but now I’m content to just know that’s part of my  psyche. And at 63, I’m perfectly happy with my small world.

Well, onward to the day …first up.. breakfast for  the best Dad in the world to my kids….

Dinner is a bbq  chicken, veggies, tofu, and ?? I may have someone go get a peach pie at our local fruit stand!! YummmLake Tahoe

4 thoughts on “Alone vs lonely

  1. I like to be alone, but not as alone as I am. I am very good company. And, I don’t have to put on any clothes to suit someone. I am dressed right now, but the pants have holes in them and the flowery tshirt has hair color on it. I really prefer wearing a night gown, even after I come home in the afternoon. My chickens don’t mind a nightgown nor does the mailman or people in cars. No one can see me hanging clothes in a nightgown or ratty clothes.

    I do get lonely for someone to come home to me or to laugh at tv or discuss a book.

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