Thanks to all the men and women who have made our country safe!

Veterans Day is a day to remember the brave people who have defended our country in some way or another. My brother is a veteran. And my other brother died in Vietnam . I protested that war in the early 70’s and still feel it was a terrible waste of human life. But that doesn’t take away from that all who have served deserve respect and honor. They have earned it.

its quite cold here, but at least sunny. I walked this morning it was probably 30! I’m kinda thinking of breaking the JKWP and only go when I feel like it. I never seem to get ahead with feeling like I can do anymore than a mile and lately I just don’t have it in me it seems. Since I havent broken it by a day yet, I suppose that’ll be monumental. Plus now with this new development of the rib pain ,who knows what’s going on. I see my doctor in 2 weeks and get zometa. Maybe I should have had the zometa sooner?? It’s a bit of a guessing game I suppose.

Yesterday I did some town chores and made pulled pork on the crockpot. I added blackberry sauce at the end which is really good. Our local bbq place did that and we loved it. Today is just a home day,vacuuming, tidying and I’m going to pull out the christmas wrap . We got another load of gravel for the driveway too. So after this its a NO SPEND everything. Except food and basics.

Tomorrow I’m going to whole foods for a turkey breast and world Market to look for some little gifts for my sister.(she loved the mushroom measuring spoons,I got there!)

Well, I’m trying not to be depressed but sometimes it’s just hard to keep it together…. My typical MO is to just hide. Read or just sit and think, or not think as it may be. Oh, well…

3 thoughts on “Thanks to all the men and women who have made our country safe!

  1. I don’t think you need to try to walk further….Doing a mile a day is awesome. I have finally managed to get myself walking on my treadmill for 30 minutes. My goal is 5 days a week but usually it is only 4 days. I do feel like some days my body is telling me to rest. Maybe you just need a day off once in a while. I like the treadmill because I can read and walk at the same time.
    I know you are worrying about that rib pain. Can you call the Dr and get an xray done before your appt? Sometimes knowing is easier. Either way…know I am sending a prayer and a hug your way.

  2. You’re right Marilyn! Sometimes I think I just need to take a break. I did call and get the xray and whew.. No new fractures. I have lots of lucencies but that’s consistent with myeloma. So , what’s with the rib pain? I don’t know except maybe it’s pulled muscle. Geez, I don’t know , but at least that was good news. 😀

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