Thursday’s updates

38c79d4c9fd73259ae24c007303cfb01I’m at a Starbucks writing my blog. I want to add some pictures so I’ll try and practice. I can’t seem to get my pictures to upload  from Tahoe. I guess I’ll try later. Figured out one.

Today is the little coffee klatch at the civic center ,so I’ll go to that and then home.

Tonight is pizza night. I  have homemade or we may buy large at our favorite new york pizza place. We’ll see.

IMG_0155this is Tahoe. Usually the lake is up to where I’m standing and the pier has water all the way to the end. (To the right).

4 thoughts on “Thursday’s updates

  1. Hi Christina 🙂 MM Julie here 🙂 I added your blog to my list so I can keep up with your status and treatments too. Thanks for checking in with me and reading my crazy stories, and letting me know about your treatments too! :)) xoxo

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