A new roof soon!

In spite of it being very expensive, we should be getting our new roof by Friday. The bid was for $8000. Our house is so small it’s hard to imagine it costing that much but I guess everything is expensive. Plus, these days the roof has to be a certain quality for insulation etc. Anyway a far cry from when we did it ourselves 20 years ago.

Our mortgage will be adjusting again in October , not a good thing, since it is a whole point up. But this was part of our modification 5 years ago. So, I guess we just need to adjust. I wish I could get some clarity as to whether we should sell at some point. We do not want to, plus this isn’t about downsizing as our house is less than 900 sq feet and that’s with our closing in porches. So it’s not that. It’s more can we afford to live here once retirement hits. Oh, well, I guess we’ll figure it out.

We’ve been playing musical bedrooms or move stuff. My son decided he wanted to move out to the studio which is where my daughter has her study area for graduate school. And she would use his tiny bedroom for an office. So, now we need to paint that room and maybe fix the floor. So, I like when things get mixed up as things get cleaned and gotten rid of too. A good way to declutter and reorganize.

Well, I’m off to flylady some and move a few more things out to the studio for Z.

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