Happy birthday to my sweetie!

Today is my husband’s birthday. A milestone at 65! He’s in great health and looks 10 years younger. Still working hard to support us( me). We’re going out to lunch I think unless I think of something creative for dinner and then we would skip lunch. I’m probably making tofu burgers for dinner but that could change too.

It must be a quirky day with the wind. Yesterday it was 95 and hot ,today it must be 75 and breezy. Very fall like.

It’s also Bilbo Baggins birthday and Frodo’s. Very cool!!

I’ve worked thru most of the piles from my daughters rooms switch. Just a few more that she needs to do.

My sister will be coming to visit in October so I need the extra space for her. Originally she was going to stay in the studio , but then Zephyr  decided he wanted to move out there. So it all got switched up.

Its always good to move stuff and paint. You don’t realize how much crap is in a room till you need to move it to paint. So good all in all.

The budget numbers look good except the medical copays were pretty high $800 ┬ábut now there’s just the one BMB one to finish. It’ll be November before its paid off.

The dentist office is still working with our regular insurance on the Invisalign since it is medically needed. They are fighting it though. ( of course)! I hope they pay at least something .

I’m one week into my pomalyst cycle. Maybe feeling a little tired, but that’s not unusual. I just not sure if my neutrophils drop will I feel it.

Well, it’s off to buy a chocalate cake for the birthday boy!