Decluttering and budget stuff!!

Finally dropped the goodwill stuff off. ¬†And we dropped off some at Cancer thrift. Honestly, with all I’ve decluttered it’s amazing there’s more still.

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Went and and did some grocery shopping and then a stop at Home Depot for paint and plywood.

So, budget is going ok. I decided for the umpteenth time to have an EF of cash at home. So I put $200 in to start. With these fires and how quickly people had to evacuate. It seems like a good idea to have cash ready. Plus we’re going to get emergency packs ready. Over at , She has packs for all of them. Now I think if we can 1 or 2 done to start thatll be good.

Gas is an amazing $2.57 . So I put my $25 in my old van. I give my self $25 for the van and $25 for the vw. So far that’s all I’ve needed. I don’t drive any great distance. I need to calculate food and non food costs. That’s our biggest variable. We’re almost done paying all my medical copays. The last is the BMB one and that still at $700. So hopefully soon. Our Mortgage goes up in October as the Harp modification ends.I’d like to find out if we can reapply but I think it’s a one time deal. But I’ll check.

Overall, things are steady.