The ongoing decluttering and minimalism.

imageimageOur house is small. Very small, under 900 sq feet and laid out awful. It was built in 1949, with a crummy foundation, mostly no insulation etc. when we moved here 20 years ago, no one had lived here for 7 years. It was owned by the nephew of the old man who died. Truly I think now we were nuts. Piles and piles of junk, and more junk. Huge piles of pine needles probably from 20 years. The water pipes broke as soon as we turned on the water. God, what were we thinking. I had a one year old and a 10 year old. What ,was I nuts. ???

But we did it. We’ve come a long way and I’d say it’s a cute bungalow/ house. No real description.

Now, I’m totally into minimalism. And white paint. Not sure about the white paint but maybe as many other bloggers I read who decorate, white is easy to touch up and keeps things fresh. I like different shades. Navajo white is creamy, the kitchen is in Simply White, which I adore.

But, I feel there is too much furniture. I hate feeling crowded. Our front room is also our dining room and where the TV is. So what should I do.  The table needs to stay. I have a Heywood wakefield hutch for my pine cone ware. That stays.


imageSo I’m thinking to get rid of one of the arts and crafts brown chairs. ┬áBut maybe I should do the Poang ( IKEA ) chair! Any ideas!?